Introducing Fleet Activity Tracking

The coalition measures player activity and their participation in fleet activity with a FAT system (Fleet activity tracking). These points are purely there to provide data for our leadership both for the amount of raised fleets by fleet commanders and the activity in the fleet. They are not and will never be used to punish people that do not participate in fleets.

How do I get FATs?

You will be able to get FATs by joining any coalition fleets, may it be Mining, PVE or PVP. Any fleet that undocks from a station and is raised by a coalition commander will be entitled for giving our FAT links.

To register your FAT point:

  1. Make sure you have registered yourself on as the FAT system is integrated in AUTH
  2. Be in the fleet
  3. Wait for the fleet commander to post a FAT link
  4. Click on the link and select the character you have in the fleet. You may need to do a SSO login if you are not logged in
  5. Click on the green arrow to register the pap for this character
  6. You can monitor your participation on the AUTH fleet tracking section

When are FAT links posted?

Fat links will be posted in the fleet chat in coalition fleets when the following conditions are met:

  • The fleet undocks and has been undocked / operating for at least 30 mins
  • The fleet commander is a registered SiCO commander
  • You will be able to get a new FAT point for every hour spent in the fleet assuming the fleet commander is active (so this might be hard in afk mining boost fleets)

Why do I need FATs?

You don’t need FAT points as we do not require any minimum activity from our members. However you can get rewards and fame for high activity and also provide important data for the coalition so that we can improve our services and activity.

Each month we will do a report including the activity level of the coalition and the most active players. As the system is still in development we will add more rewards to it as we learn how to use it.

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